Anne Marie’s Testimonial

While  handling stock my nose was broken, the Dr prescribed a box full of painkillers.  However with the pain of my nose still swelling and throbbing I phoned Jocelyn Graham and asked if Laser Therapy would help, she assured me that it would certainly help. So five hours after the break, Jocelyn lasered my nose (very carefully). The pain soon left and the swelling had gone down by the time she finished. It only hurt if I touched it but it had a numb feeling and I did not have to take any painkillers. Amazingly there was no bruising either.

Also many months later I had a very sore lower back for several days, Jocelyn Lasered it and it was not until midday the next day I realized the pain had left and I was fully mobile again. Thanks Jocelyn ( it has worked wonders on many of my horses as well as several family members for their injuries.

Anne-Marie Cross