C Leitch’s Testimonial

Dear Jocelyn,

This letter is to tell how much your Laser Treatment has improved my life by relieving the pain in my Right foot.


In 1990 I had a rather large motor accident when an elderly man had a Heart Attack & lost control of his car & drove into the Right front and side of my car.

This resulted in my right foot being badly damaged.

The Local hospital repaired the damage as best they could, but I have ongoing pain in it ever since. The only way I got any relief from the pain was by taking up to 8 Paracetamol tablets daily.

I was introduced to Jocelyn and her Laser Therapy treatment approximately 6 Months ago,  in 2017, and since then I have had 8 treatments.

This has resulted in a considerable reduction in pain,  being able to move my toes and  being able to walk and work for almost “Normal” times a day.

I put this down entirely to your Laser treatments that you carry out.

Yours faithfully

C Leitch