» C Leitch’s Testimonial

Dear Jocelyn, This letter is to tell how much your Laser Treatment has improved my life by relieving the pain in my Right foot. Background. In 1990 I had a rather large motor accident when an elderly man had a Heart Attack & lost control of his car & drove into the Right front and… Read More »

» B Dunick’s Testimonial

Dear Jocelyn This letter serves to advise you of how effective Your Laser Treatment has been on several complaints I have had over the last year. Notably, Achilles Tendon swelling on both Right and Left heels, Tennis Elbow and severe  pain in my right Knee. Your Laser Treatment has been a tremendous help in relieving… Read More »

» J’s Testimonial

I Fractured my ankle and shifted it over 1 cm in 2005. My ankle was pinned & plated then put in a partial cast until the stitches were taken out. I had it lasered  by Jocelyn Graham several times until the full cast was put on. The specialist seen it again at 4 weeks to x-ray it and… Read More »

» Jenny’s Testimonial

While I was receiving treatment for a lower back problem Jocelyn and I got talking about headaches. I have suffered from Migraines for quite a few years, so I decided to try laser therapy. I had instant relief from my headaches which usually leads to a Migraine. I have had quite a few months relief from headaches so now when… Read More »

» D Thompson’s Testimonial

I approached Jocelyn nearly a year ago when I began to suffer chest pains. I had had many tests and scans which showed up nothing and my doctor suggested I was burn’t out as I am always a busy person, was exercising 6 days a week and had been through 3 years of looking after my… Read More »

» D Grant’s Testimonial

After years of suffering from painful Heel Spurs & Arthritis in both hands a friend from work gave me Jocelyn’s card and told me to give her a ring as she had good results for her problems.  Jocelyn told me it would take a while for the treatment to work and it did, just when I was… Read More »

» D Weatherall’s Testimonial

I had Tennis Elbow for about 6 months, with the usual recommendation, “Not Working”. I tried Laser treatment with Jocelyn Graham, after good recommendation from an aquantance in Roxburgh. After the first day, not much happened, but after the next 3 days and 3 more treatments the pain slowly disappeared. This was done about 20… Read More »

» John’s Testimonial

I have suffered from Back and Leg Pain for over ten years. I have had Laser Treatment from Jocelyn Graham. After five treatments I have had more relief and can walk further without pain in my back and legs, than I have had for ten years of pills from my GP. The many visits to… Read More »

» Karen’s Testimonial

Hi my name is Karen Turner. In 2008 my Golden Retriever called Abby who was 2 years old went through a fence and got caught up. By the time I had reached her she had freed her self, but by doing that she had done a lot of damage to her whole back end. We… Read More »

» Leslie’s Testimonial

At the end of 2010 my 5 year old horse had a paddock injury which I initially thought was a stone bruise, but after he showed intermittent lameness over the next few months, I had him scanned. The results showed a damaged suspensory ligament. He was confined to a small yard for 3 months, during… Read More »