D Thompson’s Testimonial

I approached Jocelyn nearly a year ago when I began to suffer chest pains. I had had many tests and scans which showed up nothing and my doctor suggested I was burn’t out as I am always

a busy person, was exercising 6 days a week and had been through 3 years of looking after my Dad and Stepmother who had both died of cancer in this time.

I never considered myself to be a stressed person but could not understand why I was feeling like I was.

It felt like the pain came each time I ate so I began not to eat much at all. I lost 10 kgs over 3 months. I began Laser Therapy with Jocelyn and after each trip left feeling much better with the pain subsiding more and more each time.

By the time I had had 6 treatments the pain was gone altogether.

Jocelyn’s amazingly caring nature also had a positive effect and I’m sure also went some way towards my recovery.

I have since been back for treatment on a back injury I sustained many years ago but seem to have only needed the one session, noticing a huge improvement afterwards.

Thank you Jocelyn for all your help. The Laser Therapy had certainly helped me.

D Thompson