Karen’s Testimonial

Jocelyn's Laser TherapyHi my name is Karen Turner. In 2008 my Golden Retriever called Abby who was 2 years old went through a fence and got caught up.

By the time I had reached her she had freed her self, but by doing that she had done a lot of damage to her whole back end.

We went to the vet and after many X-rays and anti- inflammatory drugs, Abby was still very lame.

A friend told me about laser therapy. I gave Jocelyn Graham a call and decided to give it a go. The first treatment Abby was not to sure about it but she was not as lame the next day. Even the vet asked what I had done as she was a lot better.

The next time I had Abby lasered she lay down on her own accord in front of Jocelyn to be treated and really enjoy the treatment.

That only told me this must feel good, one leg kept coming up lame but the rest was good.

We found out that Abby had torn a Cruciate Ligament and it had been too damaged to save.

We went to CHCH to have it operated on. Then back home to Invercargill to recover. I had her lasered again and the improvement was overwhelming.

Abby improved after each laser treatment we did. Not thinking Abby would ever do agility again, her one loved passion.

I am very happy to say Abby has been doing agility for the last 3 years and has had places and many clear rounds with no lameness at all.

And you can’t tell which leg has been done. The vet was impressed in how she had rehabilitated so well.

Thankyou Jocelyn for all you’re friendly advice and help, the laser therapy is amazing. Abby has her smile back and agility.