Laura’s Testimonial

The problem with my horse started over a year ago. My 5 yr old Quarter Horse mare, Argyle Sheza Smokin, somehow injured herself in the paddock. There was not a mark on her, but the muscles on her off hindquarters were swollen. She could hardly walk. After a couple of weeks rest the swelling went down & she seemed fine. I was wrong. Smoke was a young horse and part of her training was to have her “move out”, but she wouldn’t. Her trot was like a shuffle, and her canter was like riding something with square wheels. She was very heavy on the front end and I just couldn’t get her to move properly.

So began a long list of Vets, horse Chiropractors, healers, liniments, rubs, medications etc. A year later I had some success, but the mare still wasn’t moving freely. A friend suggested I try Jocelyn. I admit I was sceptical, but I had tried everything I knew and had
nothing to lose.

Jocelyn arrived and began scanning the mare for hot spots. Not surprisingly, there was a large concentration of “spots” on her off hindquarters! Her injury had never healed properly and her whole body was compensating. It was no wonder she couldn’t move. Now after 5 treatments, I have a new horse. Friends who rode Smoke before treatment couldn’t believe the difference after treatment. We can now carry on with our training. It’s taken a year, but we’re finally moving freely forward.

Thank You Jocelyn.

Laura O’Brien, Pukehiki, Dunedin.