Maria’s Testimonial


I have had a couple of injuries for 5 or more years, an ankle issue caused from playing netball and a fall on concrete steps causing damage to my hip.   I had other forms of treatment when these injuries occurred but was left with on-going pain and discomfort.   I was recommended to try lazer treatment; I was a little hesitant as these injuries were so old but was open to trying.   I have had approx. 6 treatments and have been very pleased with the results, the ankle has with stood a netball season without swelling or pain, this has not happened since I got the injury.  My hip is now only slightly tender to touch and believe with a few more treatments will be even better.  This injury has been difficult to live with, if I over done it in the garden or over exercised it would give me terrible pain and mostly at night when I lay down to sleep, I never feel it now.  I would seriously recommend trying lazer treatment for any injury and also, try it on old injuries as it has benefited me greatly. 

Maria Davers